Incense Sticks, which are known as ‘Agarbatti’ and ‘Dhoop’, are an indivisible part of any ceremony or ritual in India; be it a Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, or a Jain ritual. The Agarbatti or Dhoops are made of dried up aromatic plants mixed with some essential oils. Give devotion and worship a new meaning with an exquisite collection of Incense Stick manufactured by HARINAKSHII ENTERPRISES.

The land of unending magic is blessed by a magical name in incense sticks HARINAKSHII Enterprises. A company that has made waves with a fabulous range of wondrous fragrances. Each one created with total passion and dedication to mesmerise your senses no end.

Client Satisfaction is the ultimate Goal of our business, we make sure that our products are best and welcomed in the market. In order to satisfy our clients in every possible manner, we make sure that the quality, timely delivery and reliability are taken utmost care of.

Quality Assurance

Quality and precision matter a lot for any organization. We give utmost attention to quality parameters and have appointed a dedicated team for the same who keep a close eye on the manufacturing process right from the raw material to preparation of final medicines. We understand that quality is the main reason for the robust relationship between our clients and us. We make sure that this relationship is not weakened. We take care that only the best and tested products are delivered to them. Due to its stringent quality control practices, both in blending of fragrances and in the development of colourful eye-catching packaging, HARINAKSHII Enterprises Works have achieved strong hold in the global market.
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Our Products

  • ROSE

    A unique fragrance of a million roses, a source of sublime purity.

    Ever since the glorious times of Vedic India Chandan holds a venerated position. Its touch to the human body is cooling and pacifying, its fragrance purifying. As a 'Puja Samagri' Chandan has few equals.

    The heady fragrance of Jasmine is evocative of a million small white blooms, a scent that is infinitely desirable.

    A delightfully gentle scent that soothes and freshens. This Lavender incense has a quintessentially floral fragrance.
  • The organization started in the year August 2014 in New Nalagarh (HP) by Ms. HARINAKSHII who was deeply inspired by the bounty of nature, its beauty and fragrances and so she set out to create a world of her own. HARINAKSHII is the proprietor of the firm and she is also an actress in Film Industry. Although the history of products we deal with are ancient but the policy of our management is modern and proactive. We firmly believe in constant improvement and guided by the philosophy to innovate and continue with our tradition of excellence. Clients have always been on the top priority for us, we make sure that the quality of the incense sticks are up to the mark and confirm the international quality measures. The entire process is systematically arranged and checked at several intervals. Furthermore, we provide 100 customized solutions to our clients and package consignment as per their requirement.